Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn (D-Big Labor) is trying to assure his state that Indiana’s decision to give worker’s Right to Work protection will have no impact on his state. Quinn said major companies are “thriving” in forced unionized Illinois. But reality tells a different story.

The News Gazette reported in January Jimmy Johns corporate headquarters is just one of many companies looking to leave the state for its anti-business and anti-worker policies:

Jimmy John Liautaud told The News-Gazette on Tuesday that he is angry about the moves, which boosted the individual income tax from 3 percent to 5 percent and the corporate income tax from 7.3 percent to 9.5 percent. The founder of Jimmy John’s said he has applied for Florida residency and may recommend that his corporate headquarters move out-of-state as a result of the Illinois tax increases enacted last week.

Stateline News also reported that Quinn’s tax hikes have governors in Wisconsin, Texas and even in New Jersey courting businesses from the Land of Lincoln. Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, who know has the Right to Work arrow in his quiver to court businesses to his state, has compared Illinois to “living next door to the Simpsons.”

6 Responses to Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels compared Illinois to “living next door to the Simpsons”

  1. James says:

    No, the morons in Chicago, who pretty much outnumber the rest of us, keep voting in idiots. And the rest of the state suffers. That would be why there is currently a movement to make Chicago/Cook county its own state.

  2. Frank Jolliff says:

    As a FORMER resident of Illinois I can tell you this. In my opinion Quinn is delusional. Companies are fleeing that state in droves. Dr’s are also leaving because of the tort laws.
    There are over 3500 people on the retirement payrolls making over 6 figures in retirement, taxpayer funded, expense. Quinn refuses to go against the unions on anything.. before I left we stopped going to McCormick place for shows because of the union styranglehold on what we could and could not do.
    The people of Illinois deserve what they get. They keep voting these idiots in.

  3. Steve Holben says:

    Doesn’t sound like Mr. Quinn has heard that Caterpillar will not be building their new plant in Illinios. They too are unhappy with the anti business climate.

  4. sazleboter says:

    The only reason this isn’t a complete disaster is that Ill is giving “special” breaks to big companies like Caterpillar and Sears. Of course this lowers the revenue and is not available to the smaller businesses.

  5. It figures a democratic governer. He must out of the mold of Obama socialist. Get rid of big Labor. small labor does just a good of a job. If people want it. . Big labor has run out of Usefulness.Make sure the union ganster r out.

  6. Sharon Branigan says:


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