June 2010 Issue of The National Right to Work Committee Newsletter Now Available

The June 2010 issue of The National Right to Work Committee Newsletter is available for download in an Adobe pdf format for your convenience to read and share. It is the Committee’s official newsletter publication that provides an excellent monthly overview of the battle against forced unionism.

June’s issue contains the following headlines:

Primary Voters Rebuke Issue-Dodging Republican — Refusal to Respond to Right to Work Survey ‘Raised Concerns’

Tweedle Dee Lincoln and Tweedle Dum Halter — Both Candidates in Arkansas Democrat Run-Off Back Forced Unionism

‘Too Bad For Recently Hired, Talented Teachers’ — Union Bigwigs Make Sure Public School Layoffs Are ‘Quality-Blind’

‘Mandatory Union Membership’ Is PLA’s Purpose — Ohio Town Council Cuts Through Big Labor-White House Fog

Obama Bureaucrats Promote Monopolistic Unionism — Right to Work Fights For Independent Transportation Employees

Business ‘Raspberries’ For Compulsory Unionism — Protecting the Right to Work Improves Overall Job Climate