Keep Firing

Kimberly Strassel at the Wall Street Journal believes your activism is playing a role in raising the stakes in the battle over the Card Check Forced Unionism Bill. This is a call to double the pressure on Senators to defeat this atrocity, which is designed simply to impose forced unionism on millions of workers.

Strassel writes:

Responsibility has a way of focusing the mind.

Take Mark Pryor, Democratic senator from Arkansas. In 2007, Mr. Pryor voted to move card check, Big Labor’s No. 1 priority. And why not? Mr. Pryor knew the GOP would block the bill, which gets rid of secret ballots in union elections. Besides, his support helped guarantee labor wouldn’t field a challenger to him in the primary.

Postelection, Mr. Pryor isn’t so committed. He’s indicated he wouldn’t co-sponsor the legislation again. He says he’d like to find common ground between labor and business. He is telling people the bill isn’t on a Senate fast-track, anyway. His business community, which has nimbly whipped up anti-card-check sentiment across his right-to-work state, is getting a more polite hearing.

But Pryor may not be alone:

Fellow Arkansas Democrat Blanche Lincoln voted for cloture in 2007 but is now messaging Mr. Reid [Majority Leader Harry Reid] that she’s not eager for a repeat. She recently said she doesn’t think “there is a need for this legislation right now,” that the country has bigger problems. . . . Even Pennsylvania’s Arlen Specter, the lone GOP vote for card check in 2007, is backpedaling, worried about a 2010 primary challenge.

We have one word of advice — don’t let up for one second. The union bosses will stop at nothing to coerce millions into unions. There will be a defining moment in this fight and we have yet to have it.