LIUNA Bosses Demand Employee “Prove Her Beliefs” in Religious Discrimination Lawsuit

Tennessee hospital worker Dorothy Frame recently filed a lawsuit against LIUNA (Laborers’ International Union of North America) for religious discrimination. The union actively uses union dues to donate to pro-abortion groups. Frame, being a Catholic, claims this goes against her religious beliefs and therefore has tried to request omission from paying union dues. However, LIUNA officials are now demanding that she “prove her beliefs”.

Here’s what Kristin Mosher, Frame’s attorney on the case, has to say about these demands from the union:

“It’s a very brash argument and it’s not even the law,” Mosher said. “It takes quite a bit of hubris to tell a Catholic priest you know the law more than he does or that particular person (Frame) that they don’t know their faith the way they should.” […]

“That’s not even the legal standard,” Mosher said. “If Ms. Frame has that religious belief, that’s all it takes.” […]

“If the publicity from this lawsuit now let’s others know they have the same rights and would like to challenge, then we would consider representing them,” Mosher said. 


National Right to Work President Mark Mix also encourages anyone who feels their religious rights are being violated by a union to reach out and join in on the lawsuit.

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