Martin and Mix Expose Biden’s latest example a pro-Big Labor radical US Labor Secretary: Julie Su

Screenshot of talker Ed Martin and Mark Mix discussing dangers inherent in Biden's Julie Su Labor Secretary Appointment

Talker Ed Martin and Mark Mix discuss dangers inherent in a Julie Su Labor Secretary Appointment

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Biden’s union-label Labor secretary pick must be stopped. Look what she did to California Julie Su was notorious for cracking down on independent contractors in California

In Joe Biden’s America, Big Labor privilege and power take precedence over workers, even union workers. The latest example is Biden’s nomination of Julie Su, a pro-Big Labor radical, to be the secretary of Labor.

Su left a trail of economic destruction in her wake as she rose through the ranks of California’s labor department, and is now poised to direct California-style destruction to the entire country if approved to lead America’s labor bureaucracy.

As secretary of the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency, Su was notorious for cracking down on independent contractors through her aggressive enforcement of Assembly Bill 5. AB5 subjects workers to a stringent “ABC test” to determine their employment status, such that many independent contractors were forcibly reclassified as full employees. …

…The Biden administration sees California as a model, not a warning. The Labor Department is already considering rule changes to reclassify independent contractors as employees, and Biden has repeatedly called to eliminate all state right-to-work laws that empower workers to make choices about union financial support.

Julie Su should not be allowed to do to the entire country what she did in California. Her mix of cronyism and forced-unionism ideology is another ingredient in a Biden recipe for economic disaster at a time when many Americans are fearing for their jobs and the health of the economy. Senators should vote “no” on her confirmation.

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