Mob Actions under the Union Banner

An article by Ralph R. Reiland of the American Spectator, on “Sharks and Unions,” mentioned a recent “illegal” march by the UAW in Atlantic City, NJ. I understand that Big Labor Bosses would like absolute acquiescence to their each and every demand, but not through the actions of a mob.

The Press of Atlantic City had photos of an estimated 3,000 union supporters marching down Pacific Avenue, the main drag in Atlantic City — illegally, i.e., without a permit — shouting “Negotiate” in support of casino dealers being unionized by the United Automobile Workers.

Vowing that “we’re gonna shut this town down,” Roy Foster, president of the Atlantic-Cape May County AFL-CIO Central Labor Council, yelled “Let’s get ready to rumble” to the protesters before they headed down the street. “I say today it’s an eye for eye.”

Stopping in front of Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino, the protesters shouted: “Donald Trump, negotiate! Whose city? Our city! No justice, no peace!”