MURDOCK: Democrats’ Latest Big Labor Con Job, a.k.a. the PRO Act

In today’s Deroy Murdock editorial at NewsMax, he writes that the PRO Act (S. 420) will obliterate Right to Work freedom across the United States. Murdock accurately points out that this is a well organized and staged “con job” that will wipe out opportunities and freedoms overnight.

Who should fear the PRO Act? Everyone, except maybe Big Labor Bosses and politicians who depend on union paid-for “volunteers” and union dues-funded campaign cash for marketing and walking-around-money.

The PRO Act will be devastating to contractors and ‘solopreneurs’. Murdock cites surveys that indicate that after the PRO Act passes only 16% of current employers would consider hiring contractors on a full time basis. Worse, 40% would stop using outside contractors all together. As many as 44 million Americans could need to start finding a fulltime job where they can be corralled into a forced dues grabbing union.

Deroy Murdock exposes these and many more horribles that will occur if the U.S. Senate passes the PRO Act (S. 420) allowing it to take our liberty away. His editorial is definitely worth the quick read: PRO Act: Democrats’ Latest Big Labor Con Job by Deroy Murdock.