National Right to Work Picks Up West Virginia Kroger Worker Case

Shelby Krocker, a West Virginia Kroger employee, is standing up for her rights and fighting against dues that have allegedly been illegally forced upon her by the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 400. However, new acting General Council Peter Ohr, is trying to put a stop to this case. Luckily, the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation is taking matters into their own hands, and fighting for Krocker’s rights.

In a news article posted by Mike Nolting in WAJR, Patrick Semmens, vice president of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, speaks out on the subject. Semmens points out that Ohr’s appointment isn’t even valid because the previous GC didn’t get to finish out his term (You can read more about it here). He also points out that, while receiving financial support is supposed to be a voluntary decision, the paperwork given to workers indicates the opposite by including statements such as “MUST BE SIGNED”.

Patrick Semmens, as quoted in WAJR:

“For worker’s rights and also for the independence of the NLRB and the way the process is supposed to work,” Semmens said,” The board should look at all the briefs filed in the case already and we believe if they do that and look at them fairly they’ll rule in favor of Shelby Krocker.” […]

“When unions use deceptive tactics like this, it shows although they claim often to speak for the workers,” Semmens said,” They’re often putting their own self-interest first, in this case finding, ahead of the rights of those they claim to represent.”

Mike Nolting, WAJR

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