Biden’s Suspicious Firing of NLRB General Counsel Spurs FOIA Request

FOIA Request

The role of General Counsel was established in 1947. Since then, no one has ever been fired from that position. Rather, the General Counsel serves until its term is over. However, this was not the case for GC Peter Robb, who was recently fired by President Biden. Robb had only 10 months left of his term, and yet Biden couldn’t wait. Given this, it raises a few eyebrows as to the intentions of the act. That’s why the NLRB is filing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

Peter Ohr, the newly appointed GC, had strong connections with former President Barack Obama during the president’s two terms and was very in touch with the Democratic party. Now, he is the acting GC for President Biden. Ohr is also already making moves to throw out all of Robb’s previous work and to pass the PRO Act.

The FOIA request will hopefully allow the NLRB to get to the bottom of this issue by gathering more information on whether Biden had a right to fire Robb.

In an article posted by Jennifer Oliver O’Connell in The Red State, National Right to Work President Mark Mix shares his opinion on why this FOIA request is so important:

“This FOIA request seeks documents related to this scandalous power grab which is clearly designed to shut down multiple NLRB prosecutions of Biden’s union boss political allies for their violation of workers’ legal rights.”

Mark Mix quoted by Jennifer Oliver O’Connell in The Red State

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