New Hampshire Watchdog Big Labor has “functionally taken over the Democratic Party”

Why the “Live Free or Die” state may continue to be mired in compulsory unionism according to the New Hampshire Watchdog’s Grant Bosse:


Big Labor's Governor John Lynch endorses compulsory dues

The new dynamic has revealed itself most directly in the debate over right-to-work legislation. Having functionally taken over the Democratic Party, New Hampshire labor unions have drawn on a few Republican allies to try to sustain Gov. John Lynch’s veto.

Unions currently have monopoly bargaining power for all employees in unionized workplaces. They claim this burden justifies forcing union dues from unwilling workers. In fact, this monopoly prevents unions from having to compete at the bargaining table, driving wages and benefits higher.

Unions and their political allies think this is a good thing, while taxpayers end up paying more. Right-to-work would prevent workers from having to pay union dues as a condition on employment.