UPDATE: Tesla Chooses Right to Work State for New Factory

Anti-worker freedom states were warned that being a forced-labor unionism state hurts their chances, and it did.  Tesla chose Right To Work Nevada for the location for its new  factory.

New Mexico’s Anti-Worker Policy Hurts Chances of Tesla Factory

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New Mexico is one of 26 states that continue to maintain the anti-worker policy of compulsory unionism, and this policy may cause them to lose another opportunity to bring new businesses to the state.

Electric car manufacturer Tesla has narrowed its list of factory locations to four states; and New Mexico is the only one that is not a Right to Work state.  According to KOAT TV reporting from Albuquerque, N.M, New Mexico’s anti-worker freedom position likely takes them out of the running:

New Mexico has been trying hard to lure Tesla to the state, but one industry expert thinks the Land of Enchantment has a significant disadvantage in the race for the gigafactory.

John Boyd, Jr. of the Boyd Company works with companies to help them choose locations. He said New Mexico has some intriguing things to offer Tesla.

But he thinks one big thing could derail New Mexico’s chances. Unlike the other finalists, New Mexico is not a Right to Work state. Right to Work laws let workers decide for themselves if they want to join a labor union.

“New Mexico would be wise to move in that direction and do what Indiana and Michigan did and become right to a work state,” Boyd Jr. said.

Boyd Jr. said the favorites to land the Tesla plant are Nevada and Texas.

It is time for New Mexico to become the 25th Right to Work state!