NLRB Big Labor Cronies are Applauding Biden’s Firing of GC Peter Robb

Not long after President Joe Biden was signed into office, he got to work making changes. One change, in particular, was unnecessary, detrimental to workers’ rights, and very suspicious. We’re talking about Biden’s unprecedented firing of General Counsel Peter Robb. However, despite the fact that there was no evidence that Robb had done anything to warrant the early termination of his position, as attorneys at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) are actually applauding Biden’s nonsensical decision to bring Acting GC Peter Ohr in instead.

Here’s what some of them are saying:

“Hi, Peter, so exciting! And such a REFRESHING change!!! Congratulations!” Neelam Kundra, an NLRB attorney, wrote.

Another agency attorney, Aaron Karsh, cheered the general counsel’s appointment as “good” for Ohr, good for the NLRB and “good for the country!”

“After you made your remarks, I saw a spark of hope in my colleagues’ faces,” NLRB’s Kate Gianopolous said in an email to Ohr. “People need to believe that their work matters and their voices will be heard, and you clearly communicated that message.”


So what will this mean for securing and sustaining the rights of workers? This will certainly be another challenge that we will have to face. In fact, we’re already seeing the NLRB become lax when it comes to punishing union bosses who illegally force dues on workers. One of the most recent cases dealt with a Kroger worker in West Virginia who was illegally forced to pay dues to the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW). You can read more about it here.

This is simply not ok. Luckily, the National Right to Work Committee and Legal Defense Foundation are here to fight the battle and help secure workers’ rights. You can read more about what’s happening within the NLRB in one of our other posts here.

If you have questions about whether union officials are violating your rights, contact the Foundation for free help. You can also support our cause and help those suffering from Forced Unionism and Union Corruption by donating. 

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