Obama’s New Ethics in Washington, Really?

Last week the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation President Mark Mix demanded copies of signed Executive Order (EO) 13490 ethics pledges that President Obama promised America January 21st.  (NRTW EO Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request video link)

The few ethics pledges that have become public like Hilda Solis’ so-called pledge, seen here, appear to be no more than a vague letters. All would agree that Solis’ letter hardly meets the ethical standard that President Obama’s grand Presidential Executive Order Announcement (seen here) purported to establish.  In fact, we have been mocking his ethics standards since the Committee posted its first personnel alert regarding AFL-CIO lawyer Greenfield’s appointment.

Why has Mr. Obama’s executive order apparently become so trivialized by carefree implementation?  On top of that, it has been rumored that ethics waivers have been handed out like candy. Obama’s fellow Chicagoan, close personal friend, and White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett received at least one waiver soon after Obama’s EO 13490 proclamation. 

Because of this seemingly casual ethics pledge process and possible numerous granting of ethics waivers, it appears that the National Right to Work Foundation President became concerned that AFL-CIO and SEIU employees may be implementing new regulations and abusing their positions of trust as in the Clinton Administration (see true story).  Mr. Mix requested copies of EO 13490 pledges, SF-278 public financial disclosure reports, and any ethics waivers granted.

This could be a very hot August!