Right to Work Committee Honors Terry Mast

Even in his passing, Terry Mast continues to make a difference in the fight against Big Labor abuses.

Donor’s Bequest Will Keep Advancing Fight Against Forced Unionism

Terry Mast was a longtime friend of the National Right to Work movement.

In fact, as a young adult he worked as a staff attorney for the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, providing free legal aid to workers whose personal freedom had been trampled by compulsory unionism.

Terry continued to focus on employee rights when he led legal efforts in the office of the New Mexico attorney general to protect public servants from forced unionization.

Terry subsequently worked for California Assemblyman (now Congressman) Tom McClintock as a labor committee consultant in Sacramento. 

He came to this position highly recommended by those who knew him at Right to Work.

In later years, Terry worked as a consultant for Golden State Sen. Maurice Johannessen and, finally, at the California Assembly Republican Caucus. 

Once retired, Terry was elected to the Foundation Board of Trustees.

A Football Fan, a Voracious Reader, and a Defender Of Conservative Principles

Born and raised in the Great Lakes State, Terry was an ardent lifelong fan of the University of Michigan’s football team, the Wolverines. 

He would readily discuss college football with anyone who was interested. 

His office was appointed with an assortment of UM décor, and he was frequently seen wearing a UM shirt or hat.

He was a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and a lifetime National Rifle Association member. 

He was a staunch Republican who dedicated his life to promoting conservative principles while serving as an officer of the Sacramento County Republican Party for 20 years. 

And as a voracious reader since his youth, he collected thousands of books on a wide range of topics.

During his tenures as a Foundation attorney and as a labor committee consultant in Sacramento, Terry developed a strong dislike for the corruption inherent in government unions.

When Terry sadly passed away last year after a short battle with pancreatic cancer, he left a sizeable bequest to the State Employee Rights Campaign Committee (SERCC).

Mark Mix: ‘Our Country Desperately Needs More People Like Terry’

SERCC, the National Right to Work Committee’s political action arm, works to ensure that pro-Right to Work state and local candidates can beat Big Labor-backed politicians. 

It has been instrumental in the passage of many state Right to Work laws, most recently in Indiana, Wisconsin, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Terry’s beloved home state of Michigan.

Thanks in part to Terry’s generous bequest, SERCC will be busy again this year helping pro-Right to Work candidates defeat Big Labor’s multimillion-dollar, forced-dues political juggernaut in state after state.

Several Right to Work associates, including Committee President Mark Mix, had the pleasure of getting to know Terry personally over the years.

“Terry’s life was dedicated to the cause of personal liberty,” said Mr. Mix. 

“Even in his passing, he continues to make a difference in the fight against Big Labor’s corruption and bullying. Our country desperately needs more people like Terry. 

“He will be greatly missed.”

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