Right to Work Creates Prosperity

Release of new economic data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis has provided an opportunity to confirm that Right to Work states perform better that forced-unionism states, and a blog called Willisms has done just that.

After crunching numbers to see what impact labor laws have on economic growth, Willisms discovered that:

[F]rom 2004-2007, no Right to Work state grew less than 5.1%, while fifteen Forced Unionization state[s] grew below that level.

Meanwhile, while America’s GDP growth 2004-2007 . . . [was] 8.4%, Right to Work states grew by 10% on average, while Forced Unionization states grew by only 6.2% on average. The median Right to Work growth rate was 9.2%, compared to the median Forced Unionization rate of 4.9% (the national median for all states was 7.3%).”

Study after study confirms that not only is Right to Work the right moral policy it is a correct economic policy for the American people.