Right to Work Indiana Economy Grows with New Businesses

New businesses are showing interest in Indiana. Vehicle Services Group has been loyal to Indiana since 1925, and now, they’re planning a $7 million expansion. Meanwhile, Reflection Window + Wall, a company unfamiliar to Indiana, is opening headquarters for their subsidiary, Ekos Window + Wall here in Indiana. But this company isn’t the only one putting their headquarters here. Sortera Alloys will also have their headquarters in Indiana after relocating from Texas.

Keep reading to see how each business will affect the state’s job climate and economy!

Vehicle Services Group:

“The plans for expanding[ the Vehicle Services Group ]West Plant further reflect the company’s commitment to provide enhanced safety for its workforce, improved efficiency in its operation, a more environmentally friendly footprint for the Jefferson County community and an overall better product experience for its customers. […] At the same time, increased capacity will also support the long-term growth trajectory of the business.”


Ekos Window + Wall:

“Companies like Ekos Window + Wall choosing Indiana to set up shop is a true reflection of our state’s top-rank[ing] business climate. […] Indiana is the strongest manufacturing state in the nation. […] I am truly grateful that with a world of options, Ekos chose Indiana to open the window to their future.”


Sortera Alloys:

“Indiana continues to lead the way in advanced manufacturing as companies like Sortera choose to locate and innovate in our state. […]With our skilled and robust manufacturing workforce that employs one in five Hoosiers, Indiana is a great place for cutting-edge innovators to establish and grow.”


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