Security First or Unionization First?

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) is trying to get a straight answer from Obama Administration appointee Errol Southers but so far Southers refuses to answer a simple question from the Senator.

 Southers has been appointed to head the Transportation Security Administration but DeMint refuses to allow him to take his appointment unless he tells the Senator whether he will reverse current policy and support efforts to put unionization rules ahead of security policy.

 The Washington Times reports that Southers is “ducking questions” about changes that could “Jeopordize national security by imposing union work rules that could hamstring the government’s ability to quickly adapt to evolving terrorist threats. 

“It’s very simple. Giving union bosses control over security at our nation’s airports is dangerous and will harm our ability to respond to serious threats,” Mr. DeMint said. “If President Obama’s nominee will not commit to putting homeland security above the whims of union bosses, it should give everyone serious concern.” 

Mr. Southers, assistant chief in charge of security and intelligence at the Los Angeles airport’s police department, pledged he would not support any policy that compromised security. But he has avoided giving the “yes or no” answer Mr. DeMint wanted on the union question.

It’s a simple question and DeMint deserves an answer.