Teamsters Officials Must Pay Savage Services Employees Back

From The California Globe:

In September, Long Beach-area Savage Services employee Nelson Medina charged Teamsters Local 848 union bosses with threatening to have him fired for refusing to join the union, pay full dues, and pay other fees demanded by union officials, the Globe reported. Savage Services in Wilmington, CA near Long Beach is a transportation company.

Now we can report Mr. Medina has won a settlement ordering Teamsters Local 848 union officials to pay back thousands of dollars in illegal dues they seized from Medina and nearly 60 of his coworkers who objected to union membership and to funding the union’s political activity, thanks to the free legal aid from the National Right to Work Foundation.

Katy Grimes from the California Globe

National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation President Mark Mix is also quoted:

“That Teamsters Local 848 officials illegally siphoned money for politics from almost 60 Savage Services employees and threatened termination of those who dared to stand up for their rights demonstrates clearly that they prioritize power far above the employees they claim to ‘represent,’” National Right to Work Foundation President Mark Mix said. “Based on the sheer number of employees in Medina’s workplace who are receiving refunds as the result of this settlement, Teamsters officials apparently played fast and loose with the rights of all workers who objected to their agenda.”

Mark Mix, as quoted in the California Globe

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