The SEIU Harrassment Manual


Let’s just say that the SEIU Manual describing how union activists can pressure and intimidate workers into accepting forced unionism has gone viral with the American Spectator’s Ivan Osorio & Adam Michel are the latest to have a look at the shocking details:

The SEIU manual instructs union activists on how to conduct a “corporate campaign.” This consists of a union pressuring an employer to give in to worker demands by employing aggressive methods, including generating negative media coverage, filing complaints with regulators, and disrupting relationships between businesses and their customers, vendors, and lenders.

A union conducting a corporate campaign will often enlist the help of third parties sympathetic to the broader progressive agenda — environmental activists, consumer groups, “human rights” advocates, and the like. For instance, an environmental group sympathetic to the union might accuse the company which the union is targeting of polluting, while the union itself might go after the firm’s access to capital by attacking its creditworthiness.

It also encourages workers to lower their productivity, stating, “In many cases, the most powerful worksite tactic is for members to do only what they are required to do by the union contract and no more.” If reducing productivity is not enough, SEIU then calls for personal attacks on managers, encouraging workers to make “life more difficult for them as individuals,” through such methods as leafleting outside of their homes and at community gatherings.

The SEIU manual instructs union activists how to disrupt their employer’s operations, undermine company profits, and even harass managers at their homes and in their communities.

In a corporate campaign, the union’s message to the employer is clear:Agree to our demands or we’ll drag your reputation through the mud. When the employer relents, the attacks cease.