Trump’s Labor Department Just Moved To Bring More Transparency To Labor Unions

In case you missed it: an excerpt from National Right to Work President Mark Mix’s Op-Ed in the Daily Caller.

Union officials who receive large gifts or other benefits from companies with which their unions do business have more to worry about thanks to the Trump administration. With FBI and IRS agents raiding top union officials homes and in one instance even finding “piles of cash” in the garage, the new ruled couldn’t come soon enough.

The proposed rule would reestablish the Form T-1, which until it was scuttled by union-label Obama administration bureaucrats in 2010 blocked officers of unions with $250,000 or more in annual revenue from using trusts supposedly created to benefit rank-and-file members to circumvent the federal reporting requirements for such unions that Congress instituted in the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act.

The national scandal connected to the misappropriation of millions of dollars supposedly allocated for training union members by United Auto Workers (UAW) union bosses and automobile company executives, which was first publicly revealed in July 2017 and is still unfolding, illustrates just how right the citizens who spoke out were.

If a guilty plea recently entered by former auto executive Michael Brown (inset) is accurate, it almost certainly shows that now-UAW President Gary Jones was involved in a conspiracy to pilfer money from a worker training fund. Credit: Forbes

But the fact that crooked UAW and FCA officials selected the NTC, which didn’t have to file reports on its finances with the Labor Department, as apparently the sole channel for putting corporate money into union bosses’ pockets is powerful evidence that a lack of transparency exacerbates the corruption already fostered by forced union dues and fees.

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