UAW-related PLEA DEAL: Big Labor Boss Dennis Williams’ plea expected at end of month

Dennis Williams and the UAW provide another shiny example of why the PRO-Act endorsed by Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer, and other Big Labor puppets is a horrible idea.

Former President Dennis Williams joins Gary Jones as just two of many top UAW officials who exploited their coercive power to enrich themselves even as they publicly pretended to be leaders of a workers’ movement. To end such Big Labor corruption, first the coercive power needs to be eliminated. Image: A.F. Branco for NRTWC.

If employees are forced to pay union fees just to feed their families, then what incentive will there ever be to reform and end UAW corruption? Or, for that matter for any other corrupt unions to reform?

You might want to ask your elected officials or candidates if they support Big Labor’s PRO-Act with Joe-Nancy.

The Detroit News reports:

Former United Auto Workers President Dennis Williams is scheduled to plead guilty on Sept. 30 and become the second retired union leader convicted of embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on personal luxuries.

The embezzlement scheme involving Williams and his successor, former UAW President Gary Jones, has revealed labor leaders and auto executives broke federal labor laws, stole union funds and received bribes and illegal benefits…

Robert Snell, The Detroit News