Union Bosses Order Government Employees to March at Union Political Event

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BigGovernment.com posted excerpts from a New Jersey State Firemen’s Mutual Benevolent Association (FMBA), a SEIU Firefighter union, official’s e-mail:

Ocean City Fire and Rescue Services Captain James P. Smith sent, at taxpayer expense, the verified email below demanding that firefighters attend a union political rally on Thursday, March 3rd at 11:00 a.m. His e-mail manifests the tyrannical power that monopoly bargaining power over government employees creates for union bosses:

This rally is MANDATORY for all members. To quote President Lavin “I expect EVERYONE of our members to be in attendance. The only excuse is that you are on duty in the firehouse or that you’re in the hospital!!! Your second job is not a valid excuse!!!”

President Lavin was strong in his message “YOU SHOULD BE EMBARRASSED IF YOU DO NOT ATTEND” and he was adamant when he stated “DO NOT EXPECT HELP FROM THE FMBA EVER AGAIN IF YOU DON’T ATTEND THIS RALLY!!!”

Allow me to repeat how strong President Lavin feels about your attendance at this rally next Thursday. … “DO NOT EXPECT HELP FROM THE FMBA EVER AGAIN IF YOU DON’T ATTEND THIS RALLY!!!”

We will take attendance on Thursday to see which locals are present and which locals can expect assistance in the future…. tell them to man up and be there.

Smith’s e-mail illustrates the problems of government employee monopoly-bargaining and forced-unionism; and the fiefdoms it creates for these union officials, Lavin and Smith. Hopefully someone will check to see if they use any taxpayer-funded union time to attend this rally and demand a refund