United Van Lines Study Shows Americans Continued to Flee Forced-Unionism States Throughout 2012

As a post on the Red State blog yesterday (see the link  below) has already pointed out, a just-released United Van Lines (UVL) study tracking “which states the company’s customers moved to and from” during the course of 2012 shows that the ongoing out-migration of employees and employers from forced-unionism states was apparently intensifying last year.  All of the 10 “high-outbound states” for 2012 identified by UVL  (New Jersey, Illinois, New York, New Mexico, Michigan, Maine, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and West Virginia) lack Right to Work laws. Among the 10 biggest losers, Michigan got wise and in December adopted a Right to Work statute that will take effect next spring.  Meanwhile, three of the four states identified as “high-inbound” are Right to Work states.

The fact that forced-union states have been losing taxpayers shouldn’t come as a surprise. The trend has been occurring for decades. Year after year, taxpayers are merely moving to where there is a more favorable climate–both literally and figuratively.

Typically, where there are laws giving union bosses the power to force workers to pay unions or be fired, union bosses also have the power to get politicians elected that will raise taxes and enact legislation that make the state unattractive to running a business.

As a result, when businesses find a state hostile to business, they either close or move–leaving fewer jobs in the state.

Unchanged: Americans Are Still Fleeing High-Tax  – RedState