West Virginia Becoming 26th Right to Work State!

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Today I wanted to update you on the latest from West Virginia, which is on the verge of becoming America’s 26th Right to Work state.

The fact is, for the last several years, the National Right to Work Committee has been identifying and mobilizing West Virginians including a major effort last year to lobby all West Virginia candidates for the legislature on ending forced unionism.

That hard work, made possible with the generous support of Committee supporters, has been critical to building the support needed to make West Virginia the fourth new Right to Work state in as many years.

In the past two weeks the West Virginia Right to Work Bill has passed both the State House and State Senate.

Unfortunately, instead of embracing this legislation that will defend workplace freedom and give the West Virginia economy a much needed boost, West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin vetoed the bill at the behest of West Virginia union bosses.

But the good news is, the support the West Virginia Right to Wok law has already received in the state House and Senate is enough to override the Governor’s veto, meaning West Virginia is poised to become the 26th Right to Work state in a matter of days.

This victory, of course, is thanks to supporters like you who have helped us push the Right to Work issue to the point that politicians can’t ignore it.

There is no doubt that politicians have finally gotten the message of how popular and politically powerful it is to stand up to the union bosses and take away their forced-dues privileges.

With West Virginia, a majority of American states will now have Right to Work laws. With your support, we’ll continue mobilizing Right to Work supporters to end forced unionism in their states and seeking a National Right to Work Law to repeal the provisions of federal labor law that authorize forced union dues. Thank you again for your support making this work possible.