What The Devil at My Doorstep and Donald Trump have in common


One year ago today, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. (sign up for a free book offer has ended)

Real-world entrepreneur Donald Trump likely faced numerous Big Labor Alinksy-styled corporate campaigns, like the Trump Taj Mahal Casino protests, helped prepare him for his 2016 election.  Entrepreneur, David Bego, wrote a couple of books about some of his real-world experiences with the intimidation tactics used by SEIU (Service Employees International Union) union bosses.

In Bego’s first book, The Devil at My Doorstep, the techniques used by SEIU bosses eerily resemble the tactics used by Big Labor, Soros, Obama’s organizers, the DNC, and all their affiliated front groups in their combined attempt to destroy Donald Trump, his family, and his presidential campaign.

The National Right to Work Foundation worked to defend victims of a UAW campaign of terror that included shootings and severed cows’ heads.

However, Mr. Trump did not live in a parliamentary bubble isolated from the real world effects of foolish policies like most politicians. He lived in the real world prior to his election as President.  Just like the millions of Americans who are forced to pay fees to union bosses so that they will not be fired or possibly something worse.

Mr. Trump did business in cities with some of the most violent construction unions in world and prospered.  He has lived with the Devil at his Doorstep for decades, and it is likely his real-world experiences taught him how to overcome an onslaught of violence, defamation, and intimidation.

A lot can be learned about how the real world works from President Trump and Mr. Bego.  Therefore, we obtained hundreds of copies of Bego’s book boldly describing how he stood up on behalf of his employees to SEIU’s multi-pronged corporate campaign.

walker-naziThe SEIU’s cookie cutter intimidation scheme Bego describes has been mirrored numerous times by Big Labor, Obama, Soros, and the DNC in their attempts to bring down politicians like Scott Walker and Donald Trump.

David Bego, apparently aware of the similarities, wrote recently in a post:

SEIU and its political, media, and leftwing activist allies conspire to attack a company directly with what they call “Corporate Campaign” or the “death of a thousand cuts.” … this cabal of attackers harasses and disrupts, sends vicious emails and letters, intimidates, stalks and frightens, files baseless lawsuits, plants false stories to smear reputations, and uses other tactics to injure the in every way they can imagine. … The aim of this concerted swarming attack is to bully and pressure a target into agreeing or leaving.

Big Labor’s use of this strategy was seen in the despicable and unprofessional attacks on public unions on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker… former President Barack Obama, trained by the SEIU, is utilizing these same tactics against President Trump through his group OFA.

devil-at-my-doorstep-begoThe scheduled November 4, 2017 ANTIFA protests across the country are the start of achieving this goal! These tactics are designed to isolate the target, in this case President Trump and the United States, and destroy it, just like Big Labor’s Corporate Campaigns.

Thanks to a generous donor, we have a limited number of books available for you.  Please request that a copy be mailed to you today while supplies last.

The Devil at My Doorstep is quick and thoughtful read that we think you may find enlightening.