Will Lynch Veto Right to Work Legislation and Ignore Freedom as he has New Hampshire’s 15-year High Unemployment Rate?

Based on his April 12th press release remarking about New Hampshire’s March unemployment rate, Governor John Lynch has certainly been ignoring New Hampshire’s January “15-year High Unemployment” rate of “5.1%” (see WMUR link) and March’s 5.2% rate :

“We continue to see a steady drop in the unemployment rate here in New Hampshire, which is good news for our people, our businesses and our economy in general.

The impact of the national recession was felt by many New Hampshire families and businesses. That is why we must continue our successful economic strategy …”

Will Lynch ignore freedom, too? When Lynch vetoes the New Hampshire Right to Work law will he also claim that coercing people to pay to unions against their will continue New Hampshire’s long history of individual freedom? Forcing people to pay to have or keep a job creates a bar to employment; it will not decrease unemployment, nor is it freedom.  (Note: New Hampshire was free from compulsory unionism for over 150 years.)