Wisconsin Close to Repealing Monopoly Bargaining

Wisconsin is on the verge of repealing most of it’s public sector monopoly bargaining provisions.

S.B. 11 would also make it illegal to force most Wisconsin public sector workers to join a union or pay union dues or fees as a condition of employment.

Of course, these workers would still have the right to join or support a labor union, but  it would be each individual employee’s decision to make.

Unfortunately, the bill does not give the Right to Work to Wisconsin’s public safety employees.  S.B. 11 would be significantly strengthened by an amendment to give Wisconsin’s first responders the same basic rights as the rest of the public sector workforce.

Nevertheless, this is an important first step towards economic freedom and fiscal responsibility in Wisconsin, and I encourage any readers in Wisconsin to contact their legislators, urging them to support it.

In state after state, as Big Labor increases its monopoly bargaining powers, costs skyrocket while quality of service declines, and, ultimately, Big Labor becomes the most powerful force in state politics.

Wasteful work rules, job featherbedding and more work disruptions guarantee all citizens of Wisconsin pay more taxes but get less from their dollars in return.

No American should be required to join a labor union just to keep a job, and no Wisconsinite should be compelled to pay dues to an organization he or she does not believe in.

And no private entity such as a union should have so much unchallenged power over the public purse.

Naturally, the government unions are apoplectic.  The tantrum they’re throwing demonstrates beyond words just how necessary this reform is.