“Wisconsin, the rebellion of those who pay the freight against the public employee unions”

From Rick Manning at NetRightDaily.com:

Democrats are spinning the Wisconsin results, saying, “The exit polls show O is leading in the state, so it doesn’t matter.” Of course, those same exit polls showed that the Big Labor Walker recall was too close to call, when it was a veritable blowout. So much for hanging your hat on exit polls.

The shocking realization for Big Labor out of the Wisconsin campaign is that its president was unwilling to expend any of his political capital at the moment of greatest need on its behalf. One has to wonder if this will hurt Obama’s ability to mobilize the shock troops of the Democratic Party in November. If it does, the failed Wisconsin recall will be devastating to Obama’s reelection bid nationally whether he wins the state in November or not.

Beyond the unsavory fact of public employee unions being the major contributor to the campaigns of those whom they negotiate contracts with, the decision to dramatically raise their profile has made public employee unions fair political game.

It is disconcerting that those who were viewed as “public servants” now have higher average salaries, better pensions and better healthcare plans than those who pay the taxes to support them. At some point the public employee unions and the politicians who support them have made the taxpayers the servants of the government, working to pay for healthcare plans for the public employee that they cannot afford for their own families.

That is the real story of Wisconsin, the rebellion of those who pay the freight against the public employee unions who have turned taxpayers into servants.


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