5th week of House Democrat walkout, started over proposed right-to-work legislation

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Why are Democrats afraid of allowing workers to choose or not choose to join a union? They would rather leave town and continue to allow unions to COMPEL Hoosiers to pay union fees and dues than give workers a choice. Worse yet, Speaker Bosma and Gov. Daniels are going to let this runaway-and-hide tactic win the debate.


The House Democrat’s walkout, now in its fifth week, started over proposed right-to-work legislation. That bill, [The Right to Work Bill], died right away, but on Tuesday, one group vowed to bring it back.

The group, the Right to Work (RTW) Committee, has two goals: getting House Democrats back in Indiana and passing right-to-work.

But union laborers [union bosses] said they’ll continue to fight against right-to-work.

“Why do you need to have them fired if they won’t pay you $30 a month?” RTW Committee President Mark Mix asked.

The RTW Committee wants Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels and House Speaker Brian Bosma to bring the issue back to the legislature.

“There are literally hundreds of thousands of Indianans who believe that a worker should have the right to join a union, but should never be forced to pay dues as a condition of getting or keeping a job,” Mix said.

“If you’re doing your job and you’re representing workers in the bargaining unit where they work, they will join you voluntarily,” Mix said. “Why do you need compulsion?”

One union worker said. “I’m not forced to apply for that[union controlled] job.”

But workers who do not want to join the union could be fired.

Gov. Daniels said right-to-work was off the table weeks ago and remains there.

Right-to-work supporters said they’ll continue to argue their case.