An NEA Union Prez Spreads Neo-Nazi Rumour About a Jewish Parent

bad-teacherLabor union officials using forced-dues to fund “push polls” against political targets is not unusual, but against an eighth-grade student’s dad illustrates how far this NEA official is willing to go to intimidate and bully.  More often than not, union officials get very comfortable using special privileges that forced-dues have bought them.  This example of what happened to a parent, happens to school board members, city council members, and elected officials everywhere because forced-union dues have bought special exemptions from rules that others in society must obey.

A Pennsylvania parent who expressed concern over the bias in an American History homework assignment, became the target of a smear campaign by local NEA President Cydnee Cohen who began a telephone campaign against parent Josh Barry. The NEA thug started calling Barry’s neighbors leading the conversation with, “I would like to know — some of it seems like he’s a neo-Nazi.”

NEA’s Cohen called the district in push poll fashion where the caller is not trying to glean information, but rather the caller is trying to influence the recipient of the call usually with negative jabs at their opponent; in this case implying Barry is a neo-Nazi.  

Barry, who is Jewish, was shocked and appalled by the union executive’s call. 

On Friday the story took a bizarre turn.

A friend of Barry’s received a telephone call that he says came from Cydnee Cohen, the president of the East Pennsboro Education Association. Barry’s friend was a mutual friend of Cohen’s.

“We’re having some problems with a parent in our school district,” Cohen allegedly told Barry’s friend. “I would like to know — some of it seems like he’s a neo-Nazi.”

Barry’s friend, who he declined to name, sent Cohen a text message, refuting the charge.

“Just got your message,” the friend wrote. “Josh is the furthest thing from a neo-Nazi. He is JEWISH.”

Afterwards, the friend called Barry and alerted him to the neo-Nazi allegation.

[Local NEA President] Cohen did not return messages seeking comment.

Bruce Deveney, the superintendent of the school district, told me they are investigating the incident.