Are You Kidding?

House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers has an idea to solve the automobile manufacturers’ crisis. Conyers wants the new administration to elevate United Auto Workers (UAW) Boss Ron Gettelfinger into the position of “auto czar.”

Conyers said:

Over the last month, there has been much discussion about the need for a strong central figure to oversee the dramatic changes being undertaken by the auto industry. It is my belief that a Cabinet-level ‘auto czar’ would provide this type of leadership and help President Obama successfully coordinate his administration’s efforts on behalf of the industry.

Conyers must know that the UAW forced-unionism power is one of the main reasons the “Troubled Three” are on bended knee in Washington as we write. No doubt his plan for Gettlefinger’s leadership is to make every other auto manufacturer in the country “feel the pain” of the “Troubled Three.”

No, Congressman! Forced unionism is NOT the answer.