Big Labor White House Insider Flouts Financial Disclosure Rules reports that Big Labor White House insider Patrick Gaspard (SEIU-ACORN) has failed to accurately report his financials on at least two occasions.  Administration officials continue to mock President Obama’s proclaimed high ethical standards:

Has Congressman Darrell Issa’s request that White House Political Director Patrick Gaspard explain his failure to report a $37,000 payment from his previous employer SEIU Local 1199 evolved into a cover-up?    It’s beginning to smell like it! 

Rep. Issa’s request refers to the same Patrick Gaspard who while working for a Soros-SEIU political committee employed convicted felons to go door-to-door.  In fact, that same Soros-SEIU committee received one of the steepest fines in Federal Election Commission history ($750,000) because its leadership, in Machiavellian fashion, chose to ignore federal laws and take the risk of paying fines if caught.  So, ignoring a few pesky public disclosure laws is not as unlikely as it may sound. 


  • How did Gaspard work six days in January for SEIU 1199 h while simultaneously working for the “office of the President-Elect” during “January 1-16” of 2009?
  • How did Gaspard earn, in those six days of work for SEIU 1199, “$17,238.56 [of] carried over leave & vacation,” in particular, after apparently having already been paid 2.5 to 4 months vacation pay in 2008?
  • How did Gaspard earn a 9 week severance payout from an employer (SEIU 1199)? According to available SEIU 1199 financial reports (2000-2009), Gaspard was not paid by SEIU 1199 in years 2000, 2002, 2003, and 2004. For the year 2001, SEIU 1199 paid Gaspard only $3,723.  It appears that in at least 5 of the 9 years Gaspard was not on the payroll or worked only a week or two. 

An investigation by the House Oversight Committee is warranted.  Unfortunately with Democrats so firmly in the pocket of Big Labor, it will take a Republican victory in this year’s elections before Rep. Issa will be allowed to issue a subpoena and begin an earnest investigation. 

It has only been a few decades since the federal government created mandatory monopoly bargaining and granted labor union bosses the power to coerce workers to pay union fees.  But, this coercive power has created huge treasuries that union bosses use to buy political power and turned democracy on its head. 

This undemocratic and coercive political force skews the political process away from legitimate arguments over ideas, towards the raw use of political power to continually expand Big Labor’s power — through legislation, regulation, and government fiats — at the expense of American workers and their freedoms. 

This kind of power breeds an arrogance that allows people to convince themselves that the rules are for the “little people” not the kingmakers – an arrogance easily seen in people who create ethics rules and then fail to live up to those rules.

Let’s face it; Gaspard is in the White House to coordinate SEIU political activities from inside its secured doors.   SEIU and Big Labor do not need to lobby the White House; they own the White House.   Gaspard need not meet secretly with union lobbyists in coffee shops, as others in the White House, because he is the embodiment of Big Labor. 

Compulsory unionism and confiscation of worker freedoms must end to stop  Big Labor-owned politicians and their continuous drive  to erode worker liberties for personal political gain.  After all, this is “the land of the free and the home of the brave,” isn’t it? 

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