Businesses Choose Right to Work Tennessee Over and Over

Right to Work Tennessee Economic Update

Right to Work states such as Tennessee offer economic incentives for businesses, which in turn, create new job opportunities and an overall better economy for everyone. The most recent businesses making Right to Work Tennessee investments are 6K Energy, Kordsa, and Leclerc Foods.

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6K Energy:

6K Energy is investing $250 million toward a new facility in Right to Work Jackson, Tennessee, where they will create 230 new jobs!

“Home to a thriving electric vehicle industry, Tennessee is primed and eager to welcome 6K to the Volunteer State. We thank this company for its decision to locate in Madison County and know that Jackson will be the ideal location for 6K Energy’s newest manufacturing facility.” 



Kordsa is investing $50 million in order to expand and create 200 new jobs in Right to Work Chattanooga, Tennessee.

“Kordsa Inc. is excited to announce that we are committed to providing growth opportunities at our Chattanooga facility. At Kordsa, we believe that our employees are our greatest strength, and we are proud of being able to create many new jobs in the future. Our Kordsa Facility wants to continue the development of our business and our community for generations to come.” […]

“We are grateful Kordsa, Inc. has chosen to further invest in Hamilton County. This is a global company that we are proud to have in Tennessee, and we believe Chattanooga will continue to be the ideal location for this company’s future growth and success.”


Leclerc Foods:

Leclerc Foods is investing $3.4 million in order to expand US headquarters and create 48 new jobs in Right to Work Kingsport, Tennessee!

“Leclerc Foods USA is proud to call Tennessee our home for the past 15 years. We continue to expand and enjoy partnerships on a state and regional level that are mutually beneficial. At Leclerc, we place our highest priorities on our employees, quality and safety – and this focus enables our ability to expand and invest in food manufacturing. The State of Tennessee’s focus on economic development makes it easier to expand, and we are grateful for the partnership.” […]

“Tennessee is home to some of the most iconic and respected brands in food manufacturing, and Leclerc Foods Tennessee LLC is no exception. I congratulate the company on its second expansion in Kingsport and look forward to the impact this investment will make in the years to come.”


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