Businesses Expand in Right to Work Alabama, Creating New Jobs

Three companies are soon bringing something to be excited about in Alabama. Mazda Toyota Manufacturing in Huntsville, Golden Boy Foods in Troy, as well as HomTex Inc in Selma are expanding. HomTex’s investment comes from the CARES Act, and they will use this to create more face masks in order to fight COVID. These three companies will also create 4,367 new jobs in total. So these will be great for the state’s economy and employment rates.

Read on to see what people are saying about each investment.

Mazda Toyota Manufacturing:

“The partnership between […]Alabama and Mazda Toyota Manufacturing has been great not only for our state but also our citizens.” […]

“We’re proud to support their hiring and training needs[ in order to ]give more Alabamians an opportunity to jump start their manufacturing careers.”


HomTex Inc:

“I appreciate their commitment to the economy and Alabama workers by providing needed jobs in Dallas County.” […]

“In addition, the company’s new Selma operation will provide an economic boost for the Black Belt region and advance our strategic goal of providing opportunities in Alabama’s rural communities.” 


Golden Boy Foods:

“Golden Boy Foods is excited to expand our Troy, Alabama Nut Butter facility. […] A key factor in selecting to expand the Troy facility has been the outstanding business relationship that we have shared with local and state officials since the inception of the plant in 2011.” […]

“In Alabama, we have a long track record of working together as a team to find creative solutions that help companies thrive and grow after they arrive in our state.” 


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