Businesses Grow and Create Jobs in Right to Work Tennessee

Tennessee’s economy supports growth and expansion in the state. In fact, companies such as Tenneplas and AmeriColor are expanding their facilities here. Meanwhile, Gutterglove is adding a new location, which will reside in La Vergne, Tennessee. Altogether, these three companies will be investing $14.4 million and will create 182 new jobs.

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“We thank Windsor Mold for choosing to expand its Tenneplas site in Pulaski. Our state continues to be an ideal place for automotive manufacturing businesses to expand and these companies have invested nearly $8 billion here since 2015. Tenneplas is known for its high-quality automotive plastic moldings and we thank them for their continued commitment to Giles County.”



“AmeriColor’s investment in Hartsville showcases the strong workforce that can be found in Tennessee’s rural communities. Since 2015, TNECD has supported nearly 400 projects resulting in 43,000 jobs and $11 billion invested in rural Tennessee. We thank AmeriColor for its commitment to Trousdale County, and we congratulate the company on this expansion.” 



“Tennessee’s strength in advanced manufacturing and skilled workforce makes it the perfect location for a company like Gutterglove to expand operations. I’m pleased that Gutterglove chose Rutherford County to grow its manufacturing and distribution operations and thank the company for creating 85 new jobs in La Vergne.”


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