Businesses Invest $831 Million Into RTW Kentucky Economy

Here are some of the most recent investments in Right to Work Kentucky. They come from Toyota Motor Manufacturing (TMMK) and Pitman Creek Wholesale, as well as Tyson Foods. And these companies are investing big time! In fact, when combined, they will be investing a total of $831 million toward the economy! So this is exciting news because it’ll also mean new job opportunities.

Read on to learn more about each investment!


Toyota Motor Manufacturing (TMMK) is investing $461 million in order to restructure its facility in Right to Work Georgetown, Kentucky.

“As Toyota’s most experienced assembly plant in the U.S. with a workforce of about 9,000, TMMK must transform physically and strategically to meet the changing needs of customers. […] I am confident in our highly skilled team members who drive us forward every day as we prepare for the future of advanced manufacturing, whatever the products might be.” […]

“Kentucky’s automotive industry is growing at a record pace, and Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky is at the center of that growth. […] Toyota changed the landscape of manufacturing in our state when the Georgetown facility first opened more than 30 years ago. Now the company is preparing for growth. I am [glad] that the future will include Kentucky in a significant way.”


Pitman Creek Wholesale:

After investing $15 million, Pitman Creek Wholesale has opened headquarters in Right to Work Lincoln County, Kentucky. This will allow them to also create 60 new jobs!

“This facility brings Pitman Creek full circle to our beginning. After the purchase in 1993 we started in Stanford with a 2,500-square-foot rented space and now have the largest, most modern facility among all distributors in our industry. […] Our Kentucky employees are the best in our industry and now they have a facility to match.” […]

“I am glad to have the opportunity to join representatives from Pitman Creek and leaders in Stanford and throughout the region to celebrate the opening of this new facility in Lincoln County. […] Our state’s distribution and logistics sector is thriving, and companies like Pitman Creek are helping take the industry to the next level while creating quality job opportunities for Kentuckians.” […]


Tyson Foods:

Tyson Foods is investing $355 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Bowling Green, Kentucky. This will also create 450 new jobs!

“Today, I am proud to announce one of the largest investments in Warren County’s history, and this is a community that has had no shortage of economic success in recent years. […] Tyson Foods has a longstanding presence in the commonwealth, and its leaders’ vision for the future will make the company a great fit for Bowling Green and the surrounding region.” […]

“It was a pleasure to work with Tyson Foods officials and their consultants during their rigorous evaluation of our community. […] This commitment to create a multitude of quality jobs through a major investment by Tyson Foods is absolutely amazing. Additionally, I am confident that Tyson Foods will be an exceptional corporate citizen to our wonderful community. We look forward to this diversification of our economy and working with Tyson Foods to grow here well into the future.” […]

“TVA and Warren Rural Electric Cooperative Corp. (WRECC) congratulate Tyson Foods on its decision to establish operations and create hundreds of new jobs in Bowling Green.”


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