New Businesses are Coming to Right to Work Kentucky!

New businesses are coming to Right to Work Kentucky! These include RNDC and QSR Automations in Louisville, as well as Horse Soldier Bourbon in Somerset. In fact, QSR Automations has already opened and is ready for business!

Read on to learn more about each of these business investments.

Republic National Distribution Co (RNDC):

RNDC is planning to soon relocate to Right to Work Louisville, Kentucky with an investment totaling $50 million. This will allow the company to grow further.

“RNDC markets and distributes over 9,000 unique wine and spirits products to bars, restaurants, hotels and liquor package stores in every corner of the commonwealth. […] The company is also a significant contributor to Kentucky’s thriving bourbon industry, representing established brands including Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare, Michter’s, Old Forester and Woodford Reserve, in addition to new Kentucky craft brands like Bardstown Bourbon, Castle & Key, New Riff and Peerless Bourbon.” […]

“Investment in quality jobs for Kentucky residents is key to our state’s continued growth. […] Wholesalers such as RNDC have a significant economic impact in Kentucky and provide well-paying, stable jobs. While RNDC’s continued growth is good for the commonwealth’s bottom line, the company also provides a key link for our thriving bourbon and spirits industry to safely and efficiently reach consumers.”


Horse Soldier Bourbon:

Horse Soldier Bourbon is investing $200 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Somerset, Kentucky. So this is exciting news!

“We’re average guys. It was just our turn to do something. And we are proud to be doing it in a place where our story so naturally fits. Horse Soldier Farms will make this already outstanding community stronger and better, with the values its people have always had, values that are also important to us.” […]

“I want to thank the team at Horse Solider Bourbon for their service to our country. […] We are excited that your next chapter includes making Horse Soldier Bourbon in Somerset and investing in the commonwealth. Your story reinforces our belief that Kentucky is truly destined for greatness.” […]

“Here we have true American heroes who have come together to produce America’s only native spirit: Kentucky Bourbon. […] With this endeavor, the team at Horse Soldier brings a bold sense of adventure and an all-American dedication to preserving Kentucky’s legacy as the one true and authentic home for Bourbon.”


QSR Automations:

QSR Automations is officially open in Right to Work Louisville, Kentucky after a $10 million investment. This will soon create 30 new jobs!

“In the last 25 years, QSR Automations has seen tremendous growth, not only within our company but also as we have claimed our position as the leader in restaurant technology.” […]

“Food, beverage and agritech-related companies have been locating and expanding in Kentucky at an impressive rate. […] I want to congratulate QSR Automations on the opening of this headquarters expansion and relocation. The company is helping move the restaurant and hospitality industries forward and creating quality job opportunities for Kentuckians in the process.” […]

“Louisville’s strong reputation as a national leader for food and beverage headquarters and technology innovation makes Louisville the ideal place[…]. We have built an ecosystem of businesses that benefit from and strengthen the industry, ensuring that everything food and beverage companies need to succeed is here. QSR Automations remains a valuable part of that ecosystem by providing technology solutions to food service businesses. We are excited to celebrate their expansion!”


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