An Economic Update on Right to Work Kentucky

Kentucky’s economy is always growing and thriving as a result of its Right to Work laws. And we have three examples to show you exactly what we mean! These are the most recent investments in the state: Community Wellness Technology and Harbor Steel & Supply are both adding new locations soon. Meanwhile, Flavorman is expanding its current Kentucky location. All of these investments will all create new jobs as well as other economic opportunities for their respective areas.

Read on to learn more about these investments!

Community Wellness Technology:

Community Wellness Technology is locating to Right to Work Danville, Kentucky with a $15 million investment. This will also create 450 new jobs!

“Kentucky’s economy is roaring ahead this week, and Community Wellness is the latest example of a company creating a significant number of quality job opportunities for Kentuckians. […] This is a company creating great jobs while also providing accessible health care to Kentucky residents. I want to welcome Community Wellness to Team Kentucky and congratulate everyone in Danville and the surrounding region who will benefit from this great company locating in Central Kentucky.” […]

“The Danville-Boyle County community strives to maintain excellence in medicine. Community Wellness will join our local providers to serve as a hub for medical care in Central Kentucky. […] Through their creation of high-quality employment opportunities, Community Wellness will have an immeasurable positive impact on our diverse economy.”


Harbor Steel & Supply:

Harbor Steel & Supply is investing $8 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Bowling Green, Kentucky, creating 25 new jobs!

“This project reflects Kentucky’s strength in the metals industry, and it continues the unparalleled economic momentum our state has seen in recent months. I wish the company well as it establishes its second Kentucky facility and hope to see even more growth in the future.” […]

“We are excited to celebrate the groundbreaking of Harbor Steel’s new facility here in Bowling Green. […] They will be exemplary members of our business community. Their growth is no surprise, and we look forward to their future in our community.”



Flavorman has just begun construction of an expansion in Right to Work Louisville, Kentucky. This is covered by an $8.5 million investment that will also create 30 new jobs!

“This expansion is an incredible opportunity for our city. […] When I started Flavorman almost 30 years ago, I did it out of a passion for the craft. I’m proud of the role Flavorman and Moonshine University continue to play in establishing Louisville as the epicenter for not just bourbon, but the beverage industry overall.” […]

“Kentucky’s economy continues to gain momentum, and our state’s food, beverage and agritech sector is a vital part of that growth. […] This expansion by Flavorman will not only allow the company to take its business to the next level, but will also create quality job opportunities for residents in the Louisville area while encouraging innovation within the commonwealth’s food and beverage and spirits industries. I want to thank the leadership at this homegrown Kentucky company for furthering their commitment to our state and our talented workforce.”


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