Businesses Invest Right to Work Alabama, Creating New Jobs

Three businesses are investing in the state of Alabama. In fact, SiO2 Materials Science already has its new facility in Auburn ready for vaccine vial production. In Walker County, Jasper Lumber is partnering with Tolko Industries in order to make the most of its investments. Meanwhile, Sulligent is receiving new job opportunities, thanks to Resource Fiber adding a new location here. All of these investments will soon create new jobs all across the state. In fact, Resource Fiber alone will be creating as many as 111 new jobs. Read on to find out more about each business!

Resource Fiber:

“Alabama’s economic development team has embraced job creation in the state’s rural areas as a strategic priority, and the recruitment of Resource Fiber to Sulligent is a perfect illustration of that effort. […] Not only will the company bring new jobs to Lamar County, but it will also bring a high level of innovative thinking.” […]

“The result of this team effort will bring over 100 new jobs to rural Alabama and create an epicenter for bamboo product research and development, manufacturing and sales for the U.S., if not the entire world.” 


Jasper Lumber:

“Alabama’s forest products industry has benefited from a long growth spurt tied to new investment[. T]he Jasper Forest Products partnership is another great example of the industry’s potential. […] This project will not only create jobs in Walker County but also add vitality to the industry in the region.”



“This day marks an important moment for Alabama and for SiO2[. Their] high-tech vials will be used in the delivery of a vaccine that will help end the COVID-19 pandemic. […] The technical accomplishments of SiO2 demonstrate […] the kind of highly innovative and groundbreaking work that is being done in Alabama. We’re very grateful for this achievement and this company.” […]

“SiO2’s innovative vials represent a key strategic advantage for federal agencies by enabling them to act rapidly to distribute a vaccine to counter the coronavirus. […] SiO2’s work will save many lives and help get our country’s economy back on track.”


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