Can Virginia Wash Its Hands of 2020 Follies?

Organized Labor Power Grab Could Fiscally Destroy Old Dominion

Big Labor-backed Democrats in the Virginia General Assembly rammed through misguided and disastrous legislation harming the Old Dominion’s taxpayers and working men and women in 2020. 

Union-label politicians repealed Virginia’s ban on government-sector monopoly bargaining, allowing union bosses to seize additional power and reign supreme over government workers. 

Democrat Gov. Doug Wilder signed Virginia’s government-sector monopoly-bargaining ban into law in 1993. 

The current Virginia Democrat politicians who repealed it tacitly attacked Mr. Wilder’s character and disregarded why it was enacted in the first place. 

In another 2020 folly, Richmond politicians passed costly and unnecessary prevailing wage requirements that enrich union bosses at taxpayers’ expense. 

Moreover, union-label Democrats further rigged the construction industry job market to benefit union bosses by authorizing discriminatory project labor agreement (“PLA”) requirements. PLA’s effectively block union-free businesses from bidding on government contracts.

Not to be outdone, a self-described socialist and his allies in Richmond tried last year to repeal the state Right to Work law that’s been on the books since 1947. 

Fortunately, the National Right to Work Committee and its freedom-loving allies were able to stop Del. Lee Carter (Manassas) from repealing Right to Work in Virginia in 2020. 

Unfortunately, union-label Democrats  — who currently control the General Assembly and every statewide elected office — can be expected to continue trying to tighten union bosses’ control over government and reinstitute forced unionism in the private sector. 

Big Labor Still Determined To Destroy Employees’ Right to Work in Virginia 

Mr. Carter failed to get the hint after his 2020 Right to Work repeal scheme stalled due to overwhelming and well-mobilized public opposition. 

In 2021, this radical has reintroduced his bill to repeal Right to Work protections for employees. 

Mr. Carter is even running for governor this year largely to put pressure on other Democrat gubernatorial candidates to back his anti-worker agenda 100%.

Unfortunately, Big Labor’s long reach doesn’t stop with Mr.  Carter. 

Lee Carter
Big Labor Del. Lee Carter (Manassas, shown above in a May 2020 photo) has become notorious for his rancor directed at Virginia police, but his enmity toward employees who choose to work union-free is even greater. (Credit: Potomac Local News)

Union kingpins have already given $400,000 to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jennifer Carroll Foy, clearly expecting her to do their bidding. 

One Big Labor boss was quoted saying, “Jennifer Carroll Foy has a proven track record” of advancing Big Labor’s priorities as a former legislator, and another called her “one of a kind.”

If Big Labor’s monopoly-bargaining scheme takes effect as scheduled on May 1, it will entrench union bosses’ power in Virginia, and it will have detrimental consequences for taxpayers, families, and business. 

In Hawaii, Big Labor is now wielding its monopoly-bargaining powers to thwart modest proposals by the Democrat governor to help the state deal with a financial crunch related to the coronavirus pandemic. 

As a result, the governor is now openly threatening tax increases. If Big Labor’s Virginia power play takes hold, the state’s residents will undoubtedly suffer in the form of higher taxes. 

Right to Work Is Standing Strong Against Virginia Unions Bosses’ Power Grab 

The National Right to Work Committee and its allies are fighting Big Labor and its henchmen tooth and nail to restore Virginia’s ban on government-sector monopoly bargaining and protect its cherished Right to Work law.

Specifically, the National Right to Work Committee has galvanized supporters, inundated Virginia legislators with letters, and worked with allies in an uphill battle to reverse the disastrous imposition of monopoly bargaining.

National Right to Work Committee Vice President John Kalb commented: 

“While the current financial crisis brought on by the coronavirus pandemic highlights how much strain public-sector unionism will put on Virginia, it is always important for the Commonwealth to support the interests of independent-minded employees and taxpayers.

“With Virginia’s ban on monopolistic government unionism no longer in place, it won’t be long before Democrat politicians start doling out sweetheart deals that benefit union bosses. Expect the quality of government services to deteriorate as union bosses begin forcing government to hire cronies bent on bilking taxpayers for as much as they can.” 

Mr. Kalb concluded: “The fact is, sound fiscal decisions necessary for good governance are all the harder for states that authorize monopoly bargaining, even in more normal times.”