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UAW’s Gary Jones Plea Demonstrates Need for National Right to Work Act

Gary Jones Plea Deal: “The root of this corruption was compulsion. Federal law gives union bosses the power to force workers under their so-called ‘representation’ against their will, and in states without Right to Work protections to force them to subsidize their activities or else be fired. Those dual coercive powers are what put UAW tyrants in a position to begin with that allowed them to sell out the rank-and-file so they could live large.

Big Labor Puppet Politicians Voted to Wipe Out State Right to Work Laws

Pelosi and the rest of Big Labor’s allies in Congress for passing H.R. 2474, the so-called “PRO Act,” which would wipe out all 27 state Right to Work laws, let Big Labor organize unions without a secret ballot vote, and impose a laundry list of other union boss power grabs. Mr. Mix stated, “This was a vote to let the union bosses put their hands back in workers’ pockets. Every member of Congress who voted for this abomination should be ashamed of themselves.” “80% of Americans agree it is just plain wrong to force workers to pay union dues or ‘fees’ just to get or keep a job. But these politicians shamelessly kowtowed to the demands of the union bosses who fund their campaigns with forced-dues dollars,” Mr. Mix continued. “Right to work supporters will remember and will hold Big Labor’s puppet politicians accountable.”