Mark Mix Comments on the Support Over Biden’s Firing of GC Peter Robb

One of the very first things Joe Biden did when he became President was dismiss National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) General Counsel Peter Robb before his appointed term ended. As GC, Peter Robb had been an advocate for employee rights.

“The President’s unprecedented attack on the NLRB’s Congressionally-established independence should have shocked any NLRB official concerned about neutrally applying the law, rather than twisting it to the benefit of the President’s political allies,” NRTWF’s President, Mark Mix, said.

“Yet the documents obtained show the Biden power grab was celebrated by many inside the agency who are supposed to impartially apply the law,” Mix said.

“Independent-minded workers should not have their cases adjudicated by officials who celebrate partisan, pro-union boss attacks on the NLRB. The Biden Administration continues to stack the deck in favor of union bosses and against the rights of workers who want nothing to do with union affiliation, and these emails show many at the NLRB seem all too happy to go along.”


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