Check out These Right to Work Virginia Investments!

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Companies that are investing in Right to Work Virginia include CarLotz, Starkist, and Lyon Shipyard. CarLotz will be expanding headquarters in Richmond, while Starkist is relocating to Fairfax County. Lastly, Lyon Shipyard is expanding in Norfolk. Altogether, these three companies will create 394 new jobs. So this is great news for the state’s economy!

Read on to learn more about each investment.


CarLotz is expanding its headquarters in Right to Work Richmond, Virginia. This will also create 192 new jobs for people in the area, boosting the economy!

“CarLotz was born in Virginia. We couldn’t be more excited to build this next chapter of the company right here in our home state[…]. We are confident in the workforce and the access to markets that further investing in Virginia will provide for CarLotz, our team members, and our guests.” […]

“Richmond has proven to be a great home for CarLotz, offering a wonderful community and a talented workforce to support its growth. […] We thank the company for creating nearly 200 high-quality jobs and look forward to many more years of partnership with CarLotz.”



StarKist Co is relocating from Pittsburgh to Right to Work Fairfax County, Virginia with a $3.6 million investment. This will also create 83 new jobs!

“[We are] proud to make Reston, Virginia our official global headquarters starting in April 2022. […] believe the move to Virginia will provide an outstanding work environment for our employees, as well as an opportunity to expand the StarKist business in the years ahead.” […]

“Adding StarKist Co. to our roster of corporate headquarters is a wonderful testament to the Commonwealth’s ability to provide a world-class workforce, reliable infrastructure, and much sought after quality of life. […] StarKist will be a great addition to the many global brands that call Fairfax County home.” […]


Lyon Shipyard:

Lyon Shipyard is expanding soon in Right to Work Norfolk, Virginia with a $24.4 million investment. This will also create 119 new jobs!

“When we started exploring the expansion of the shipyard, other states reached out to us about a possible relocation. […] Due to the resources here in Virginia and the willingness of the city and the Commonwealth to help us with our plans, we came to the realization that Virginia was the place for Lyon Shipyard. We are excited to continue our story here in Norfolk.” […]

“We congratulate Lyon Shipyard on its success and thank them for expanding operations in Norfolk. […] The shipping industry is a major economic driver for Hampton Roads, and partners like Lyon ensure commercial and government marine vessels stay in operation. The Commonwealth’s recruitment and training incentives help secure these competitive projects, and we are pleased to see the addition of 119 new jobs for the region’s hard working residents.” […]


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