Chris Matthews Called Grimes’ Anti-Worker Position Desparate

At the beginning of her Kentucky Senate quest when she was trying to gain some foothold, Alison Lundergan Grimes publicly endorsed forcing hardworking Kentuckians to pay for her political campaign or lose their job.  That is what her opposition to Right to Work freedom and her support for compulsory unionism means for citizens in Kentucky and elsewhere.

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In states like Kentucky, whether you voted for the union or not; you are forced to pay union bosses forced dues (in most cases, employees have never had the right to vote in a union).  That’s right, union fees and dues are bundled and not segregated and then a significant part of those dues and some other legitimate contributions go to candidates that are willing to keep this rigged-against-individual-employees’ system in place.

When Senate Candidate Grimes needed money and a forced-dues funded political army, she publicly embraced the continued forcing of Kentuckians to pay tributes to union bosses just to get or keep their jobs.  And, even MSNBC’s Chris Matthews thought that pandering looked desperate and said it would hurt her among freedom-loving Kentuckians.

Its has been weeks since then, and Grimes has become desperate again according to a recent Washington Post article:

Last week, the national Democratic Party left Alison Lundergan Grimes for dead.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee a week ago said it was stopping its TV ads for Grimes, the Kentucky secretary of state and the Democrats’ challenger to Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican leader.

In political Washington, this was a nail in the coffin, coming after the candidate’s embarrassing and repeated refusal to say whether she voted for President Obama and the televised pronouncement of “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd that she had “disqualified herself…

But then came the questions. One man complained that she never said “one way or the other” what she thinks about right-to-work laws.

“My position on right-to-work laws is it’s right to work for less,” she shot back. “I have seen first-hand the value of labor, of collective bargaining, prevailing wage. I’ve been on the picket lines.” [Her picket line experience is a photo-op at a strike at an Army depot in Kentucky.]

Grimes is desperate and her statement shows either a complete ignorance of what Right to Work means or, like a union boss,  she is trying to conceal the true meaning.

Right to Work respects the value of each employee’s views, it does not prevent employers and unions from creating union monopoly bargained contracts, but it does prevent the employer and union boss from forcing employees to pay for the agreement. Grimes wants union bosses to be able to take a percentage of pay from employees’ paychecks whether they want them to or not — or be fired.  Certainly not  a value Daniel Boone would have shared.

Unfortunately, Big Labor is continuing to pour forced-labor union dues into Grimes election.

Please contact Grimes and let her know that Right to Work means freedom from union compulsion and her stance against it only perpetuates loss of liberty with an added financial burden on the backs of Kentuckians all across the state.