CNBC has rated Right to Work state Virginia as the best state to do business in America.

The Governor credits the state’s Right To Work status as a key component to success. Governor Bob McDonnell“Our focus, from day one of this administration, has been to put in place the policies that will help private sector businesses create those jobs in the Commonwealth and get our economy back on track,” he said. “We’ve done that by keeping taxes low, getting government spending under control, having a strong Right to Work law, and making smart investments in transportation, economic development and higher education.”

Four of the top five states to do business in America are Right to Work states.  All of the worst five states to do business in America are non-Right to Work or compulsory-unionism states.

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One Response to CNBC: Right To Work Virginia — Best Place to Do Business; Right To Work Texas #2

  1. Eric says:

    Congrats to VA! It’s easy to achieve when their labor laws are evasive or non existent. Here you can be worked as many hours as your employer wants with no OT and no breaks. It’s a wonderful state to be in!!!

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