Companies Are Growing in Right to Work Mississippi

Here are three companies that are soon investing in Mississippi – Quadient, Kimberly-Clark, and VIP Luxury Seating. Mississippi’s economy supports companies of all kinds, including new and old ones, and also ones that are bouncing back after going under. VIP Luxury Seating is a perfect example. When the pandemic hit, they had to close down. But now, they’re building their business back up and are stronger than ever in Mississippi.

Read on to see what’s being said of each recent investment!


“Marshall County’s ideal location in North Mississippi, convenient access to an exceptional transportation network and skilled pipeline of workers once again prove we have the winning combination for industry-leading companies with distribution needs. […]

“We are proud to welcome Quadient as the newest member of the Mississippi business community[. We] thank the company for bringing dozens of new job opportunities to the people of Marshall County and the surrounding areas.”



“The Mississippi Development Authority is grateful to the leadership at The Alliance, Alcorn County and the Tennessee Valley Authority. Their dedication to building stronger communities through job creation once again pays off for Alcorn County as dozens of new jobs come online for the local workforce through Kimberly-Clark’s expansion.”


VIP Luxury Seating:

“VIP Luxury Seating is a prime example of a homegrown Mississippi company that is truly dedicated […] job creation and investment. The company’s employees always have taken pride in quality craftsmanship, and I know its new employees will continue VIP’s legacy of crafting superior products.”


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