Companies Locate to Right to Work West Virginia and Create Jobs

Here are two companies that are planning to invest soon in West Virginia’s economy. Both DST Innovations and Gruppo Fanti are adding new locations here. Specifically, they will be locating in Morgantown and Weirton, respectively. So this will create new jobs for those areas and be a great addition to the economy.

Read more below to see what’s being said of each investment!

DST Innovations West Virginia

DST Innovations:

“We want, in West Virginia, to chase every opportunity we have to bring goodness and jobs to West Virginia. […] This is another great example of how all the work that we’re doing within the state of West Virginia makes these things become a reality, but these things only become a reality with the goodness of the people on the other side of the equation.”

Gruppo Fanti West Virginia

Gruppo Fanti:

“Fanti USA will be the largest expansion in the history of the Fanti Group. […] In West Virginia, we found the right place to expand. We studied the market, the supply chain, and the potential locations intensively. […] Here in West Virginia we plan to initially create 20 jobs and to grow to 40-50 jobs after 3-4 years.”


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