Companies New and Old Create New Jobs in Right to Work Virginia

Companies continue to invest in Right to Work Virginia. In fact, eHealth Technologies is adding a new customer support center in Scott County. Meanwhile, Silent Falcon UAS is moving its East Coast headquarters to Warren County. In addition, International Automotive Components Group, which is already located in Strasburg, is expanding.

Altogether, these three businesses will invest nearly $11 million. They will also create 456 new jobs across the state. Read on so you can see what people are saying about each investment!

eHealth Technologies:

“Southwest Virginia is proactively working […] to equip the workforce with 21st-century skills[. T]his announcement is a reflection of that progress. We thank eHealth Technologies for creating 160 new jobs in Scott County[. And, we] stand ready to support their success as they work to deliver much-needed services to hospital systems and healthcare organizations across the nation.”


Silent Falcon UAS:

“The unmanned systems sector is rapidly evolving, and Virginia’s top-ranked education system, combined with our research and development assets, will provide the company with a strong foundation for success. We thank Silent Falcon for creating 249 high-tech jobs in Warren County, and look forward to building a lasting partnership.”


International Automotive Components Group:

“International Automotive Components Group has been a valued employer in Shenandoah County for more than a decade[. W]e are thrilled that the company is reinvesting in its operation and employees. […]

“IAC Group exemplifies the success that major businesses can find in rural Virginia[. W]e thank the company for its continued confidence in Virginia and for creating high-quality manufacturing jobs at a critical time in our economic recovery.”


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