Did you know that 80% of Americans support the Right to Work Principle?

They helped clear the field for Michigan Right to Work Laws…

From the Detroit News, National Right to Work Committee President Mark Mix’s brief summary of how Michigan became a Right to Work state with the UAW’s help:

Following neighboring Indiana’s passage of right-to-work in February 2012, Michigan union officials were concerned their forced dues powers might soon come under threat.

In response — spearheaded by then-United Auto Workers (UAW) union President Bob King — unions launched Proposition 2, an amendment to Michigan’s constitution that would lock in union officials’ power over workers by forever banning the passage of a Michigan right-to-work law.

However, Michigan voters had different ideas. Despite big money spent by the UAW and other unions, they soundly rejected the anti-right-to-work amendment on the Nov. 6 ballot. The state legislature took notice of the overwhelming voter opposition to forced dues and quickly advanced a previously stalled right-to-work law.

By Dec. 11, then-governor Rick Snyder had signed Michigan’s new right-to-work law despite previously saying it wasn’t a priority for him. In attempting to entrench their coercive power over rank-and-file workers in the state’s constitution, UAW bosses ended up ushering right-to-work in a state long referred to as the “birthplace of organized labor.”

Mark Mix, Detroit News

Perhaps the Big Labor-backed PRO-Act backlash will encourage Mitch McConnell to get serious about passing the National Right to Work Act and bring right to work freedom to New Yorkers, Californians, and the other states that victimize their citizens with mandatory forced dues abuse.

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