Do Sheetz Inc and Speedway Motors Have Anything In Common?

The answer is yes! In fact, Sheetz and Speedway Motors are both investing in Right to Work West Virginia! But that’s not all! They are also investing in the same exact area – Kearneysville!

Sheetz plans to create 30 new jobs, while Speedway Motors will create 25 new jobs. So this is great news for the area! Read on to find out more about each investment.


“West Virginia is a great place to operate a business, without question. […] It’s a great employee base for us, it has that advantage of being close to the action, close enough for us to have those efficiencies in delivery, but it’s kind of out on its own a little bit, it’s easy to get in and out. That’s what we like and that’s certainly what our drivers like.” […]

“The new Sheetz transportation depot is another step forward for West Virginia’s economy. […] Much of the credit for this success goes to the Jefferson County Development Authority. We also have the advantage of West Virginia’s prime location close to distribution hubs, supply lines and customer markets.”


Speedway Motors:

“I’m so excited to welcome Speedway Motors to West Virginia and help them serve their global customer base from right here in Almost Heaven. […] West Virginia continues to show the world we are a great place to do business and this innovative, unique, family-owned manufacturing company has found the perfect home.”


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